Ashley and EAMT Aroma & Massage Training Center (EAMT)
Aromatherapy and massage started to thrive in Asia, and they were proudly derived from British ancient comprehensive therapies which got popular in 17th century. Even now, they not only let people know and spread to get stronger, but also make the public accept high-level therapies regardless of nationality, ethnic and region. The wisdom of ancestors goes on.
Resulting from her frequent participation of advanced learning courses for Asian students, she knew Emily H. from Taiwan through the tutors and my good friend.
CAMT in Taiwan offer the course of aromatherapy and massage for over a decade, and its coverage is getting bigger. Besides Taiwan, we are training teachers to instruct in Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, and Macao in Asia. Being able to gain such achievement in so many regions, we believed that team of Emily H. is of great scale, strict and systematical while working on their base of education.
After several meetings between both parties, we confirmed that our ideal and direction of managing is consistent and brought up the chance to cooperate. Based on the combination of CAMT and team of Emily H., we can bring ancient British wisdom to Asia, and enjoy the resources given by the ground. Moreover, we make the public reach the balance of body and mind, and recover their health as our education goals in this busy society nowadays.
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